Synchronous Gatherings

Update: Ad hoc roundtable on fossil fuel supply policy

We organized a synchronous roundtable on a popular workshop topic–fossil fuel supply policy–on Tuesday June 29 at 1130-1245 EDT. Selected presenters whose work directly relates to this discussed this topic in real time. The link to the recording is here.

Wrap up gatherings

Four synchronous social gatherings will be held in the Climate Futures room.

Think of these as like conference receptions – the platform allows you to wander between groups of people talking. There will be some themed areas for people to congregate around specific topics.

You are welcome to attend with food or drinks of your choice!

Come when you can, leave when you need!

Opening Gatherings: Friday, June 18

Concluding Gatherings: Wednesday, June 30

Gatherings can continue beyond the end time if people wish!

Tips to help you with Wonder. 

Wonder is “optimized for” Chrome and Edge. Anecdotally, Safari is not recommended.  

A good tutorial video (you only need the first 70 seconds – the rest is for hosts)

The room is open 24/7, so you can enter it at any time to look around.

The first time you click on the link, you will be prompted to grant permissions, set up your avatar and answer one “icebreaker” question (takes about a minute).

Wonder controls
Having trouble with…

email with your phone number and one of the organizers will call you 

… performance?
  • Try closing other browsers/programs to conserve resources/bandwith.
  • Try turning off your camera (bottom menu as in Zoom)
  • Switch browsers to Chrome or Edge
  • Try manually enabling browser permissions (see this link)

try to chat within Wonder with one of the organizers – Sara Constantino, Kian Mintz-Woo, Alexander Gard-Murray, or Ewan Kingston.