Frequently Asked Questions

Will the presentations and discussions be freely available on the web? 

No. To enable free and frank discussions, only registered participants will be able to see the works and forum discussions. 

I’m presenting. For how much of the workshop period (June 6-June 17) do I need to be online to respond to questions and comments on my work?  

The only commitment we ask is for you to check the questions and comments at least once during the workshop period and make some response in the forum. If your availability will be limited, you will be able to indicate in your presentation when you might be most likely to respond. 

I’m presenting. How many other presentations should I read? How many should I comment on? 

Ultimately it’s up to you, but we think if you are presenting, it is appropriate to aim to read and comment on at least four other presentations over the two-week period. 

I’ve been selected/invited to present at the workshop. How do I submit my final paper? 

See instructions here

Is there any fee to participate? 

No, participation is free.

What will happen to my presentation after the 16th of June?

It’s up to you. You can opt to take your presentation offline. The forums will be closed to new comments but remain available to registered participants for at least 10 months. 

Are there synchronous events?

Yes! Details will be emailed

Who is organizing the workshop? 

Organizing Committee

Contact with any further questions.