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India’s Energy Choices: Policymaker Perspectives – Pooja Ramamurthi

Protecting Marine Species through Climate Governance – Laura G. Elsler

Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Adaptation: Transformational Potential in Developing Countries – Laura Kuhl

Can Smallholder Farmer Risk-Sharing Mechanisms Co-Exist with Formal Climate Insurance? – Nicolas Choquette-Levy and Matthias Wildemeersch

What’s Next for the US Social Cost of Carbon? – Paul Kelleher

One Size Doesn’t FiT All: Energy Market Structure, Policy Design, and Investment – Ishana Ratan

How Businesses Distort Climate Policy-making Incentives – Matto Mildenberger

Climate Change and Nuclear Energy – S. Duygu Sever

The Energy Transition: Market Trends and Political Decisions – Alexandre Gajevic Sayegh

Portfolio Diversification of Earth System Risks – Emmy Wassenius

Blueprints and Key Characteristics of Innovative Financing Mechanisms in Adaptation Financing – Melissa Cuevas Flores

Corporate Governance, Time Horizons, and Climate Policy Preferences – Jared Finnegan and Jonas Meckling

From Net-Zero to Net-Hero: Examining Net-Zero Credibility in Corporate and Subnational Actors – Angel Hsu

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A Climate Bad Bank to Govern Climate Stranded Assets? – Louis Daumas & Mathilde Salin

How Much Storage to Pursue for CCS? – Kian Mintz-Woo and Joe Lane

Unions and Environmental Politics – Jesse Strecker

Seize the Means of Decarbonization! Public Ownership of Fossil Fuel Companies as an Instrument of Climate Policy – Fergus Green & Ingrid Robeyns

Temporary Leaders and Stable Institutions: How Local Bureaucratic Entrepreneurs Institutionalize China’s Low-carbon Policy Experiments – Weila Gong

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The Climate Establishment: Regulatory Capture in the Global Climate Regime – Jessica Green

Wading through Vested Interests for a Just Global Climate Finance and Politics – Abiodun Afolabi

The Case for a World Climate Bank: Questions of Economic Theory, Ethics, and Justice – Alyssa Bernstein

The Security-Sustainability Nexus: Statecraft, Capital, and Protest Along the Global Lithium Frontier – Thea Riofrancos

The Fox in the Henhouse: Why Oil Nationalization Won’t Help Accelerate Decarbonization – Paasha Mahdavi & Alexandra Gillies

Climate Action from Abroad: Assessing Mass Support for Cross-Border Climate Compensation – Gaikwad, Genovese, and Tingley

Climate, Grand Strategy, and International Order – Jeff Colgan

Self-Interest Against Climate Change – John Broome

The Moral Necessity of Climate Efficiency – Aaron James

Political Feasibility and Political Responsibility: Integrating Political Philosophy and Political Science – Simon Caney

The Politics of Climate Adaptation: Evidence from Massachusetts’s Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program – Aseem Mahajan

Ethical Risks of a World Climate Bank – Stephen Gardiner

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Progressive Revenue Recycling can Alleviate Poverty, Reduce Inequality, and Improve Well-being While Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change – Frank Errickson

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