2022 Presentation list

All presentations can be accessed by registered participants as the first post in the associated forum here

Tackle climate change, harmonization be damned
Jack Baker (University of Bern), Dominic Roser (University of Fribourg)

Is climate change a free-rider problem between nations?
Clarissa Busch (University of Pennsylvania)

Traditional political hierarchy and the dynamics of forest decentralization reforms: the case of community forests in Cameroon
Rens Chazottes (European University Institute)

Protecting ocean carbon through biodiversity and climate governance
Laura Elsler (World Maritime University), Maartje Oostdijk (WMU), Guillermo Ortuno Crespo (Stockholm Resilience Center), Mary Wisz (WMU), Malin Pinsky (Rutgers), Lisa Levin (Scripps), Erin Satterthwaite (UCSB)

“All Electric, All Nuclear” – Decarbonisation and the role of nuclear energy: Evidence from France
Jared Finnegan (University College London), Julius Andersson (Stockholm School of Economics)

Democratic concerns about positive corporate climate lobbying
Francisco Garcia-Gibson (London School of Economics)

The other two-level game: Climate politics, state organization, and the political geography of Ricardian rents
Johnathan Guy (UC Berkeley)

No formula – Why we need ethical arguments to set good climate policies
Säde Hormio (University of Helsinki)

Transformational adaptation and country ownership: Competing priorities in international climate finance
Laura Kuhl (Northeastern University), Jamie Shinn (West Virginia University)

From national target to regional implementation: The role of citizen juries in facilitating ambitious climate transition
Simo Kyllönen (University of Helsinki), Katariina Kulha (University of Turku)

Public opinion on methane policy
Paasha Mahdavi (UCSB), Parrish Bergquist (Georgetown University), James Turitto (Clean Air Task Force)

Political favoritism and ecosystem degradation in Brazil (1985-2020)
Cesar B. Martinez-Alvarez (UCLA), Manoel Gehrke Ryff Moreira (Bocconi University)

Community-based organizations for disaster recovery and hazard mitigation
Manuela Muñoz (Texas A&M University), Sara Constantino (Northeastern University), Alicia Cooperman (TAMU), Sloan Huebner (Princeton University)

Setting up multilevel adaptation platforms in small cities – a way forward for transformative adaptation governance?
Julia Teebken (Free University of Berlin), Nicole Mitchell (Berlin), Klaus Jacob (Berlin)

Multi-level climate adaptation governance in the U.S. Northeast Mid-Atlantic region
Melissa Tier (Princeton University)

Unsustainable lockdowns: COVID-19 policies and Europe’s environmental attitudes
Muzhou Zhang (University of Essex), Federica Genovese (Essex)

Decolonising theories of climate governance: lessons from small island states
Elissa Waters (University of Melbourne)

Challenges of climate change governance in Albania
Fatos Hoxhag (Polytechnic University of Tirana)

Allies or adversaries: Fossil fuel firms in net-zero governance
Ewan Kingston (College of Charleston)

Redesigning global climate governance for the future
Simon Caney (University of Warwick)